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jack behind the scenes in season 2 episode 2

Jack, also known as "the teleporting boy," is a main character of The Calling of the Ocean.

Character HistoryEdit

Jack first appeared in the episode of the same name, a longtime friend of Lucy's. The past mermaid had just told Lucy that he was the teleporting boy prophesied to help her defeat the Black Mermaid. With the promise of muffins, Lucy got him to come over the next day.

Then, she explained the situation to him. Jack was skeptical, not believing she was a mermaid even after she demonstrated her powers, but he liked the idea of superpowers. He drank the potion she'd prepared in one gulp, and promptly felt sick.

Jack's teleportation abilities kicked in immediately, to his excitement. His enthusiasm waned a little when he found out that the Black Mermaid wanted him dead. He even suggested running away, though he quickly returned to wanting to fight her.

He and Lucy went to the beach, and discovered two more potions, both of which he drank. According to the label on the second one, these would give Jack two new powers. The Black Mermaid appeared minutes later, chasing the two away.

Back at home, Jack was alone when the dog started talking to him--saying it wanted his mind and soul. Freaked out, he tried to leave, only to have his mind jump into the dog's body. He wasn't in control, but he could talk, and he told Lucy when she showed up. She managed to undo it, only to realize that it was midnight even though it looked like late afternoon. As the pair tried to figure out what was going on, Jack found a ring. It let him open a locked door and pass through, even though Lucy was trapped outside.

When the Black Mermaid took over Lucy's body, she told Jack that one of his new powers was invisibility, and that she'd changed her mind: she wanted to destroy the entire universe, not just the world. Not knowing what to do, Jack watched her go.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Thanks to a few different potions, Jack has the abilities of Teleportation and Invisibility.