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Lucy is a mermaid and main character of The Calling of the Ocean.

Character HistoryEdit

While Lucy's mother was out one afternoon, a bored Lucy found an unfamiliar book in her room. Inside it was a rhyming message, which sent her on a brief scavenger hunt through her house. It led her to a small bottle of red liquid, which she was supposed to drink. Thinking this was her mother's idea, Lucy obeyed, and was immediately grossed out--instead of tasting like apples, as the rhymes claimed, it tasted like sea salt, fish scales, and sand. Lucy went back inside to lie down.

The next day, Lucy had a drink of water, and to her shock, transformed into a mermaid. She quickly figured out the rules of being a mermaid, and was thrilled to discover that she had control over fire and water. She found another message in the TV Times, telling her that she'd been transformed because of her destiny, and warning her to beware of the sun. Sure enough, the sunlight "possessed" her, knocking her out several times.

After finding and losing a strange bracelet, Lucy began having painful visions of a girl who looked identical to her. The stranger revealed that these were telepathic communications (another of Lucy's powers), and that she'd only taken that form to communicate. She explained that she was a mermaid herself, having become one to stop the Black Mermaid from drowning the world. Even though she'd defeated the Black Mermaid (and become a mermaid forever doing it), the evil mermaid was due to return soon. It was up to Lucy, and someone only called "the teleporting boy," to stop her. Lucy promised not to fail the mission.

A text from the other mermaid helped Lucy identify the teleporting boy as Jack, a friend of hers. She explained the situation to him, and when he agreed, gave him a green potion she'd made, to give him teleportation abilities. Shortly thereafter, the Black Mermaid began telepathically attacking Lucy, threatening to kill Jack.

The two went to the beach, and discovered two more potions, which Jack drank. One had a very long message from the past mermaid, telling them they'd meet soon. No sooner was that done than the Black Mermaid appeared, though the two were able to outrun her.

The next day, when Lucy came home, she discovered Jack's mind in the body of her dog. Quickly, she fed the dog something to put him back in his own body. As they recovered from that, she realized that the clock said it was midnight, while outside it looked like day. As they tried to figure out what was going on, midnight came and went, making it the thirty-first of the month. Lucy was just able to say she was sorry before being possessed by the Black Mermaid.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Lucy gained the powers of Pyrokinesis and Hydrokinesis in the episode, "Sun Rays". Thanks to the bracelet she found, she gained Telepathy and Precognition in, "The Girl Who Looks Like Me".

As a mermaid, Lucy gains a tail whenever she comes in contact with water. Drying off brings her legs back, and if she does it quickly enough, prevents the initial transformation. This includes drinking water, unless she uses a straw. On the last day of every month, direct sunlight has a strange effect on her, sometimes giving her a dry tail or leaving her "possessed," unable to remember what she did until she recovers. Later it was revealed that the Black Mermaid could take control of her at this time.